Rok Chix bring glitter into the 21st century

Rok Chix bring glitter into the 21st century
Although there are many who still associate glitter with the 1970’s, it has now been given a sophisticated twist for the 21st century with the latest collection from Rok Chix jewellery. This features pieces of sterling silver that are sprinkled with an abundance of tiny but genuine diamond crystals as well as other precious gems.

The unique glitter collection includes earrings, rings and necklaces that are must have items for every occasion from cool festivals to glamorous getaways, or just for any occasion that you want to sparkle.

The raw diamond crystals twinkle like the stars in a night sky when the light catches them, and can resemble mini disco balls. These minute natural diamonds may not be in the same league as the rocks that Richard Burton bestowed on Elizabeth Taylor but the make up for in glitz and glamour what they are missing in size.

And because they aren’t huge, perfect, cut rocks, they are more affordable too – so if you thought diamonds were out of your price range, think again.

Our favourite Glitter pieces are the Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Ring, £85: Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Earrings, £95; and Silver and Diamond Glitter Star Necklace, £85.

Perfect for disco divas and night owls, they feature handmade sterling silver stars that are softly rounded and lined with velvety matt black resin, which is then sprinkled with masses of diamond glitter. The resin sets off the twinkling gems perfectly – the effect is pure black magic.

For girlie-girls and seriously hopeless romantics, there’s our Silver and Diamond Glitter Heart Ring, £85, which features a heart-shaped dome lined with matt ruby-pink resin and topped with diamond glitter; plus the equally sparkly matching Silver and Diamond Glitter Heart Necklace, £95.

Meanwhile our Tutti Frutti Silver and Sapphires Ring, £75 – also from the new Glitter collection – is a confetti-like concoction featuring genuine natural blue, yellow, orange and red sapphire crystals from the Songea mines in Tanzania. A real statement piece, our Tutti Frutti Silver and Sapphires Ring is truly unique – and since no two sprinklings of gemstones will ever be the same, each ring we make is a one-off.

There are even more sparkling new designs to browse in our new Glitter collection at Rok Chix only uses diamonds from sources that are guaranteed conflict-free.

Rok Chix is a collection of unique, limited-edition and affordable handmade sterling silver jewellery featuring precious and semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls. Each piece is made by hand in Brighton by designer/maker Christine Morgan.