Rugby style demonstrated by Gareth Thomas

Rugby players are not usually known for their keen sense of style, but Gareth Thomas stands out as a man that knows fashion when he sees it, and a man that knows how to make an impression.

Gareth is currently known best as the favourite to win Celebrity Big Brother and one of the first gay athletes to openly speak about his sexuality. For this, the Pink List has added him to their list of the UK’s 101 most influential gay people.

Although Gareth may not have the perfect supermodel looks given his rough game of choice, he does have some great company within the fashion industry. Louboutin in fact claims that he was their inspiration for mens footwear and continues to be an inspiration for their menswear ranges. The prominent loafers in the line are called the Alfie Flat after his Big Brother nickname and are made out of gold patent leather with soft velvet lining the insides.

Right now, Gareth is focused on being the nice guy inside of the Big Brother house, but when his stint on reality television is over most likely there will be a great deal of the public waiting to see what he does next. He already has fame as a superstar of the rugby world, for being an inspirational speaker and has backers in the fashion industry.

Therefore, it would seem that Gareth has opportunities waiting at every door, and it will be interesting to see which door he decides to walk through.