Saint Laurent designer heralds the return of flats

Many will welcome the return of the ballet pump, and they have designer Hedi Slimane to thank for it. You heard it here first; heels are out and flats are back. In fairness, if there was one person in the fashion industry who could rejuvenate the fortunes of the flat, which were written off completely by almost every fashion journalist last year, it is Hedi Slimane.

The designer from Saint Laurent has an approach to fashion that is seen by many as a desire to completely revamp the rock n roll wardrobe. During his 3 season tenure at the design house we have seen the biker jacket, leather trousers and duffle coats return to the forefront of fashion, and it seems as if he will do the same with the ballet pump, that is currently more a shoe of necessity for the workplace rather than choice.

Several decades ago, the ballet pump was very much the shoe of choice for such favourite beatniks as Jean Seberg and Juliette Greco, so it seems to make sense in the Saint Laurent universe, which currently centres around sub-culture, that this would be Slimane’s next project. He has gone back to the shoes roots in dance, and a new range boasting 12 styles ins shown in 2 films that Slimane himself directed, and which feature twinkle-toed models dancing.

From these films, it is Lida Fox who really stands out and is the clincher in the Slimane revival as she even beats Coca Rocha doing her Irish dance down the catwalk. Fox is an ex dancer granted but pirouetting in leather pants, black shirt and black ballet pumps around an industrial space is something very special. The surreptitious change into flats on the way home from work suddenly seems wrong, as this is the age of the edgy and chic ballet pump, and well overdue it is too.