Serena Williams displays her off court fashion sense

Serena Williams may be known on the court for her giant game, but off the court people know her for very strong sense of style. Actually, given how stylish the tennis celebrity tends to dress while returning a lob, she is known on the court for her fashion sense too.

Serena makes sure that people notice her fashion forward attempts by showing up on the red carpet frequently showing off her athletic physique in some of the most fashionable gowns from the top designer labels. She has done a lot to prove that the athletic women can also be fashionably sexy, so it should not come as a surprise that she finally made an appearance on the runway.

Serena hit the runway in Thailand this week in Bangkok at the InterContinental Hua Hin Resort. She wore a stunning deep pink silk dress created by local fashion designer Unawan Tangkarawakun. The dress was a deep halter cut that featured a crooked hemline that cut from her right knee down and helped bring attention to the mermaid loop of fabric that circled around her waist. She paired the dress with black zip up pumps and a chunky off-white necklace that perfectly played off the sweetheart cut.

The dress looked a bit awkward on her, but most likely only because she has killer biceps and triceps, not because she didn’t know how to wear it. Her saunter down the runway proved that she was very aware of how fashion looks, and sent a clear message to anyone watching that girls that sweat can be pretty when they want. Even if the ensemble is not enough to please everyone, the fact that Serena was willing to try out something new that is outside of her normal day to day is a testament to the idea that a real woman can do whatever she wants.