Shirtego mens fashion trend on the rise according to Debenhams

Debenhams has revealed for British men the rigueur way this season to wear their shirts is with three buttons undone known by many as the shirtego trend. Last seen on 70s cinema icons Saturday Night Fever’s John Travolta and Richard Gere in American Gigolo machosexual – those men that are not afraid to show their masculinity and are sexy and confident – has been marked by the bare chest.

How low can you go Debenhams the department store has asked its customers and found that 75% wear their shirts with three undone buttons on a regular basis when out, while 40% risk the four buttons undone look and 36% of men use the fashion while at work.

Shirts buttoned to the top with a tie were previously the norm and in some cases a policy for work and formal events while opening a button was reserved for the end of a work day, two for a good night out and three for those few who were toned and tanned.

Paul Baldwin, Menswear Director at Debenhams said: “This is traditionally a look more commonly associated with Latin lovers, but it has now hit these shores with British men embracing the warmer weather and the salon to bear their chests.

“You only need to look at Simon Cowell vs. Louis Walsh on the X Factor to know that button-free fashion gets the girls.”

The men of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ have also brought the look celebrity status, with 62 per cent of men citing the sexy, successful reality TV stars as encouraging them to take the plunge.

Ryan Reynolds, Gerard Butler, Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds were also stated as sartorial inspiration for the dramatic trend hitting the high street.

Debenhams’ survey found that while the exhibitionist look was most easily sported in the creative industries of advertising, marketing, PR and design, the return of dress down Fridays has brought the deep V to the more traditional industries.

Research showed that 27 per cent of pioneering accountants and lawyers would venture the look at the end of the week, but only just before leaving the office for Friday drinks.

Baldwin continued: “This research has helped us review the design of our men’s shirts. We are looking into ways to ensure the collar always sits open to display the chest when the shirt is left undone.

“Time in the gym will also help wearers pull off the look successfully, however, make no mistake, a thick chest rug and heavy gold medallion is not due to make a comeback.”