Sleep Sound this Winter

What you wear to bed has more impact on your sleep than you may realise. Although we often dismiss the clothing we wear whilst in bed as important, focusing more on factors such as the bedding and the rest of the room, it is in fact our nightwear that has the most impact on our bodily temperatures throughout the night.

Wearing the wrong kind of clothing during the night can directly influence how well you sleep, whether your body is at the correct and optimum temperature for the time of year or whether it becomes too much to one extreme. Thick pyjamas in the summer, for example, are highly inappropriate, whilst slinky silk nightdresses, however sexy, aren’t the best nightwear during cold winter months.

Instead, you should make sure that you own at least several different sets of nightwear so that you can choose the most appropriate items to wear depending on the evening’s temperature. Full pyjama sets in insulating fabrics such as flannel will help you lock in warmth this winter, but they can just as easily cause you to overheat, especially if you have taken extra winter precautions such as adding thicker bedding, closing all windows and doors and turning your heating on.

Overheating in winter is just as problematic as becoming too cold, and it will disrupt your sleep just as much. Although you may think that you slept through the night, temperature fluctuations can prevent you from entering full REM sleep, and this is what your body really needs in order to recuperate fully for the following day. This can cause you to wake up feeling weary, and maybe even unwell.

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