Snow Boots and North Face Jackets are the New Winter Fashion Essentials

With winter nearly upon us, women are discussing what to wear and what’s fashionable this season.

In years gone by mentioning outdoors style clothing and fashion in the same sentence would’ve raised many eyebrows.  Today however the great outdoors is a women’s winter fashion theme mainstay; snow boots and winter coats are considered fashion essentials rather than obligatory functional items one must purchase at the first gust of cold air.

A strong beneficial relationship between outdoor retailers and consumers has formed over the years with women celebrating retailers for delivering them warmth without forsaking fashion and retailers relishing in the increased sales ‘fashion purchases’ bring them.  After all it’s a rare woman who only has one winter coat in her closet!

When considering the expense of winter jackets and winter boots, women prefer to spend more on these visible items while cutting back on underlying base layers.  In order to keep their winter wardrobes well-stocked many women choose to shop at both the start and end of winter capitalising on sales that typically occur at the end of the season amongst larger retailers.

Some of the better known high-end cold weather brands popular with women are North Face and Berghaus.  The North Face brand has enjoyed huge success amongst women by ensuring that they keep fashion top-of-mind when designing new ranges and providing a variety of winter coats for all types of conditions, occasions and mood in a seemingly endless array of colour.

Snow boots are another item that have undergone a much needed makeover and have consequently risen up in fashion’s ranks.  Women the world-over now enjoy wearing snow boots often irrespective of whether it’s cold or not.  Before newly styled winter boots became available however, snow boots certainly weren’t considered a fashion staple with the 80’s having much to answer for (astronauts in training aside, no fashion conscious woman would be seen dead in them).

Of course not all winter jackets or snow boots are created equal.  The range of materials, styles, waterproofing, insulation, costs and general option are expansive and entirely dependent on what activity you intend to perform, who you intend to perform it with and what budget you have available.  A winter coat made entirely of wool for example means it will be naturally waterproof due to the lanolin it contains, however an insulated winter jacket made from synthetics appeals to those allergic to wool and can be more affordable.  On the other end of the spectrum, a material like Gore-Tex is almost compulsory in outdoor enthusiast circles and although its patented breathable fibre technology is extremely functional, winter jackets crafted with Gore-Tex like those made by North Face do not compromise on being fashionable.

With the approaching winter predicted to be even worse than that experienced in recent years and endless kinds of winter jackets and snow boots available there’s no excuse for dressing unfashionably in the name of warmth!

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