Sophie Dahl speaks out against skinny models

The media is blamed on a regular basis for its obsession with skinny models, but Sophie Dahl who was one of the most famous plus-sized models on the catwalk, is now taking matters into her own hand by stating that designers should not be supporting the ‘size zero’ fashions. The 34 year old model stated that models have to be thin regardless of their body type because the catwalk assignments and editorial fashions are made in such tiny sizes.

According to her, most of the sample wares are actually much smaller than their equivalent sizes in the shops making it impossible for a model to be anything but tiny. Dahl spoke out while promoting her new cook book at the Words in the Park London literary festival by claiming that the sample sizes are just too small.

She added that the clothes themselves are so small that they resemble children’s clothes more than they look like clothing for adults. She is not the only industry expert to feel this way as the Vogue magazine editors agreed recently that they will only feature ‘healthy’ looking models in an effort to encourage people to have a better attitude when it comes to their body image.

Back in 2009 Alexandra Shulman the Vogue UK editor stated that sample sizes are sometimes even too small for the models and it is disappointing that the fashion industry has still not its attitude when it comes to healthy women.

Dahl was actually discovered by Vogue in 1995 and has since then been in many fashion campaigns for dominant designers including Pringle, Alexander McQueen, and Versace. She is now married to Jamie Cullum the musician and is the author of several books as well as an occasional television presenter.