Sponsored Video: Andrex washlets clean campaign challenge

Andrex washlets started its clean campaign challenge and the task is to get a lot of unsuspecting people to try the product. The setting gets more and more interesting with each episode, and for this 3rd episode the setting is at speed dating event “Date in a Dash,” where host Dawn Porter mingles with the men and women who attended the event.

Porter applied flirting, charm, and wit to get these surprised bachelors and bachelorettes smell and use Andrex washlets. First stop is the men’s circle where she encountered some hard “no’s” at the beginning of her quest. Some gents shook their heads and declined even just a smell of the product as they probably thought that it was an odd thing to do.
Porter was bold enough to ask one participant if he expected to come to the event and be asked about the way he wipes his bum, and the reply was a quick “it wasn’t on top of my agenda.”

But the quest still proved to be successful because she was able to get a lot of guys to use the product. Once they tried it, compliments for this moist tissue were flying about: “they are amazingly soft,” “smells fresh,” and Porter even added that these washlets are flushable.

Next Dawn moved on to the women’s circle and had them try Andrex washlets. A lot of smiling faces meant that they were pleased with how this tissue works. After the trial, pictures of satisfied ‘customers’ were taken and posted on the washlet’s board. The night was a raving success after all and she finished it with a smart quip, “I changed their lives tonight.”

On her next quest, Porter is taking the clean campaign challenge for a “swanky night out.” There’s a short teaser that shows the audience of what will unfold on the next episode of the Andrex washlets.