Stars shine at London Fashion Week

London fashion week has recently been taking place, and this is not just a place for the world’s most famous designers to show off their great looks for the next season, but it is also a place for celebrities to come to and wear incredible outfits to impress the cameras. Many people who come to the event are not just watching what is going on on the catwalk, but also what celebrities are wearing this season, to get an idea about what they want to wear themselves.

Anyone who comes to walk around this event, or look at the pictures, will probably be equally impressed by the outfits on the catwalk, as well as the outfits being worn by the guests. So far, very decadent clothes have been seen being worn, as people show off their fashion sense. It seems as if several trends are already emerging out of the fashion week, and these are definitely going to affect how people are dressing in the next season.

The primary sponsor of this event as Vodafone, and Propercorn and the Daily Mail are also part sponsoring the event. Propercorn are a company known for making premium popcorn, and you might initially think that they are an interesting company to be sponsoring the event, however they have recently become very popular with celebrities, and are known to be very popular at the event itself.

The popcorn comes in a great deal of flavours, and it is only made from natural ingredients. At the event, this snack is going to be available, and it is certainly going to be very popular.

Once London fashion week has concluded, Somerset house is going to be transformed into an incredible shopping emporium, where some of the best brands in the UK are going to be present. This is going to allow people to shop immediately after getting some incredible fashion inspiration.