Stephen Jones is a milliner ahead of the times

If anyone knows about hats it’s Stephen Jones, the man who has created headgear for many of the big fashion houses as well as pop stars and royalty. His work has appeared in ads for products from perfume to liquor to Fords, Fiats and Peugeots, and he is an acknowledged master of the millinery art.

It is reported that fairly early in his career, New Year’s Eve 1980 to be exact, some exuberant pals shaved his head as a prank, and he discovered that minus the hair his head was the perfect size and shape for a woman’s stock model, so he could use his own head as a ‘fit model’ for his ideas and designs. Regardless of the background, Jones has a flair for hats that is remarkable.

The London-based milliner notes that there is so much diversity possible with headgear that anyone at all can make a personal statement and look great while they’re at it. Kate Middleton, for example, is savvy enough to wear little hats that display her lovely long hair to greatest advantage. Jones says that the way she manages to make her ensembles look “convincing and effortless has made a big impression on fashion trends for young people.

Hats, says Jones, are an easy way to achieve a literal transformation in the way one looks. They don’t require a svelte body or hours spent at a salon; all you need is a head. From that viewpoint, we can all have a new improved image at the drop – or rather the addition – of a hat.