Suits You

The men’s suit is something that has been around for years.  It has been adapted over time to become more contemporary, more fashionable and more versatile. Now the choices have become endless but what remains is its necessity in every man’s life and every man’s wardrobe.

Dressing up is the new dressing down.  Now more than ever, male’s dress to impress whether it be in business, in interviews, in social events or even on dates.  Gone are the days where man did not care about his image.  We now live in a society which worships “metrosexuals”, i.e. where men care about how they look and how they dress.

Recently, dinner jackets and well fitted suits have become increasingly fashionable amongst celebrities. For example, Dermot O’Leary and Gary Barlow both don skinny ties with their suits on the X-Factor. This is a very popular look at the moment, especially where the suits have been of a vintage style in materials such as tweed.

Heritage is very much “in” at the moment and so something such as a tailored tweed suit would look great with a pair of refined brogues for business.  However, the same blazer could be used to create a smart/casual look by pairing it with a white shirt, a pair of well fitted dark denim jeans and again the same high polished, sophisticated  and versatile brogues.

Suits are essential in every man’s wardrobe just like a pair of good shoes.  A good suit can be used in business whether it be a job interview, a big meeting with clients or dressing to impress with a 3 piece dinner suit at a corporate dinner.  Alternatively a suit can be used for pleasure, i.e. wearing it casually, or even wearing the blazer as an evening/dinner jacket with an open collar white shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of versatile men’s brogues.  A good, well fitted men’s suit is an essential in every man’s wardrobe whether it be for business or pleasure.

Published for A Suit That Fits