The Orient Express – Bringing summer trends to your wardrobe

After a winter that not only dampened spirits but also our fashion choices, the 2011 spring and summer line of kimono dresses draws away from the demure and into an array of colours in fabrics as well as accessories as bright as oriental fabrics and pottery of the past. The kimono dress is one of the most versatile styles that’s come about and will be a focal point for any wardrobe. Its ease of wear for all body types makes it a lovely inclusion. The length of hemlines runs from mini to maxi dress so one can find the perfect length for any occasion.

The kimono dress design has great flexibility with sleeves and necklines. Slender straps to flowing layers of fabric are included in sleeve designs. Sleeves may be in an even hemmed, flowing cap or may be much like a traditional oriental kimono and be pointed. Styles with a single sleeve are also available for the bare shoulder look. Popular ‘V’ necklines elongate the facial silhouette while adding interest to the bodice.

Although there are kimono dresses in solid colours this season, one of the sunniest ideas for this summer are the new patterns of bold prints. The entire spectrum is tastefully captured in floral prints. Bold black and white fabrics with splashes of yellows and hot pinks make fashion even more fun to wear. Flowers may be finely detailed, but definitely are not like the patterned prints of the past. Some floral prints are dinner plate sized, but their dispersal is anything but haphazard. In some kimono dresses, multiple fabrics may be used. This reflects the oriental style bringing beauty of more than one print into play. The East Asian roots of design are extended into European wear.

Designers are taking on a new challenge for this year with some fabulous details in 3D! Over the years, movies have been made in 3D for added effects. Now that same idea has come to fabrics, too. The use of materials to create extra detail combined with floral and geometric prints allow designs to reach off their flat surfaces. These 3D effects are a fun new trend in fashion that has to be seen! Floral designs of fabric that add interest to necklines, sleeves, and hems can be made of contrasting or similar colours of kimono dresses. The designs are made by layering multiple pieces of fabric that have been trimmed to resemble flower petals, gathered into clusters, and stitched to make pops of interest. When a bit of sparkle is desired for a little dressier look or fun night time event, clusters of large sequins may give gemlike shine.

Every woman should own a kimono dress for their wearability. They can be casual or dressy, and worn with or without jewellery. Ballet flats to stacked sandals are perfect shoes to add femininity to this updated yet classic design that will be a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe.