SuperDry sales are very fashionable

The company that is behind the SuperDry brand, SuperGroup, responded in usual fashion by announcing a 70% increase in sales for the year to May of over £238 million. Their shares fell close to 20% on worries that sales growth is beginning to slow down even though they had a fantastic year.

The founder and cool as a cucumber Julian Dunkerton and still 33% shareholder is positive amongst the usual cynicism. The talk of saturation points and economic problems has him unfazed.

He says they are an affordable and well priced brand and the quality for price puts use leaps and bounds in front of the competition. Their fourth quarter sales were £66 million, an increase of 60% which was a slower rate than they have had previously but still nice. Opportunities for increased growth are actually frightening.

There are areas where they still do not have coverage like York, Leeds and Nottingham and by extrapolating all those gaps leaves an enormous potential for additional growth. Additionally by using products with more subtle branding ensures that our brand does not become too over exposed. They have a second New York store that will open shortly and internet sales are starting increase.