Support and Style: All About Maternity Shapewear

Being pregnant does not mean that you have been sentenced or relegated to a term in which you must abandon your fashion sense. One of the major concerns of pregnant women is finding a way to make themselves look shapely as their body goes through an unbelievable metamorphosis. One way that you can help control your figure is by using maternity shape-wear. Shape-wear does do a great job of concealing and hiding lumps associated with weight gain due to pregnancy. It also helps support a growing baby bump, making you a lot more comfortable as you move around.

The key is finding the right way to integrate shape-wear into your wardrobe. There is no shortage of shape-wear undergarments, belts, bands, maternity bras, and vests. Each of these different items serve different purposes – producing different benefits. What you use and how you use it will depend on your individual situation. This article will take a brief look at some shape-wear garments as well as the benefits provided by each.

According to a special report by eBay, maternity shape-wear is simply undergarments made of formfitting material, designed to help control your shape and provide support. These undergarments have the capacity to help a pregnant women look and feel more attractive and confident.

Support Belt

The support belt is a belt that is designed to sit just underneath the belly, resting above the hips. The belt moves around the complete waist line. The purpose of the support belt is to provide light support to the developing baby bump – relieving pressure from the pelvis. As the pregnancy advances, this type of support will become more useful in providing a certain level of comfort. These belts are fully adjustable so that you will be able to find the exact right fit for optimal comfort.

Ideally, a good support belt is designed so that it will be equally as comfortable when sitting as when standing.

Support Bands

A support band is most often times used during the later stages of pregnancy. They are very similar to support belts, but they designed to provide additional support and comfort as well as providing a certain level of warmth that cannot be obtain with the support belt. These bands are designed to be seamless, which means that they will not be visible from the outside. The seamless design also ensures that when you remove them they will not leave any indention in your skin. Support bands come in several colors, making it easy to match your wardrobe.

In a similar way to the belt, the support band gently lifts the stomach, relieving pelvic pressure. This support will help reduce the possibility of muscle strain. It is important to purchase a high quality support band to insure that you get maximum support and that the material will be soft enough that it does not irritate or otherwise harm your skin. According to some online stores, thebelly band is the most popular tool used to help pregnant mothers with their transitioning bodies.

Support Vest

Support vests are exactly what the name describes. This undergarment provides the support necessary for your belly, but it also includes the entire upper body. This garment functions as a support band and maternity bra in one. While gently lifting the belly, the support vest also provide much needed support to the breasts, which are growing larger as well. High quality support vests are made of quality material, ensuring that contact with the skin is soft, but supportive. These vests are designed so that they can be worn for long periods of time with no discomfort.

Support Bras and Bustiers

When most people think of a pregnant women they automatically focus on the growth of their stomach, but the breasts of a pregnant woman will also increase in size. It is important to provide the right amount of support to the breasts as well. The bras that you wore before the pregnancy will more than like become increasingly more uncomfortable. Support bras and bustiers provide the level of support that is needed to provide an acceptable level of comfort. These undergarments come in a number of sizes and colors and the material varies.

When you are pregnant, having the right support is extremely important. Shape-wear helps provide the support and the look that gives you the confidence to step out and enjoy yourself.

Jamie Mcmackin is an avid fashionista. He particularly loves blogging about flattering fits and practical style.