Survey reveals public opinions of worst fashion faux pas of the 21st century

Well, anybody can make a mistake, fashion-wise or otherwise, and nowadays it’s likely to be noticed and reported ad nauseum if the person who made it is a celebrity of any sort. It’s also true that anybody can do a survey, and as reported in MailOnline this week, a survey was taken amongst 1,000 (mostly) unidentified folks regarding their opinions on the worst fashion faux pas of the century. Of course that only allows for a little more than 12 years, so let us forget the faux-pas-filled former centuries.

The 2000’s are bad enough. According to this particular survey, the (almost) always fashionable Victoria Beckham won first prize (first being worst) for a 2001 appearance when she wore a lip ring during a pop performance at Birmingham’s Party in the Park. Hey, she said it was a fake – again according to MailOnline – but it sure looked real.

Obviously you have to be very well known to get your faux pas up there in the top ranks. Second place on the list went to David Beckham. In 2003, for some reason he had his hair done in cornrows. That guy couldn’t look bad no matter what kind of hair he wears, and darn if he didn’t look really sexy – but sorry, Dave. It didn’t fly, not in this survey anyhow.

One can only wonder why Lady Gaga’s ‘meat dress’ made a faux pas list (she’s number three) since it was far beyond a mere fashion blunder. But then the Gaga Lady is very well known for her determination to go several steps beyond any stretch of ‘accepted’ good taste limitations.

For anyone who cares about these things, the rest of the ten worst list included Kim Kardashian, and since no one could put a finger on one particular faux pas, maybe it’s safe to say that they all sort of run together in a fairly steady stream of we-really-didn’t-need-to-see-that. Ah, well. At least she’s getting some attention.