Sweetface not so sweet for Jennifer Lopez

After not being able to compete with rival brands fashion line Sweetface folded in 2009 and Jennifer Lopez admits she is still hurt by the closing. She thinks she never had the opportunity to help make the brand become successful and blames the indiscriminate using of her name as a reason for Sweetface’s demise.


She said it was sad for her and she felt like she never had a fair chance to make it right. And she felt trapped in a situation she could not get out of with her name stamped on things she did not believe in. She admits not knowing the business enough.


But that has not stopped her as she had another new venture in the works and this time it is with Marc Anthony, her husband and she has the help of guidance from big time fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger. Hilfiger says Lopez learned from the first attempt and that will help this time around to make it successful