The hectic whirl that is Kendall Jenner’s life

When it comes to fashion, the mind of Kendall Jenner is always at work as the 16 year old sister of the famous Kim Kardashian is busy making her own name in the business. In September she will grace the cover of Seventeen magazine along with her sister Kylie and at the magazine’s launch party she took a minute out to talk about how she was able to get where she was in the fashion world. According to Jenner, the entire family is about fashion and they are always looking at outfits and thinking about how to make things work.

Jenner added that whenever they are out walking, shopping, or driving they are always looking at the outfits that people choose to wear and logging away details that they could use later to create a new fashion look. Outside of being cover girls, the Jenner girls, also offer their fashion sense to Seventeen as Fashion Contributors.

At the after party for the photo call the pair stated that their fashion style is something that continues to evolve and progress as they mature and grow older. Kylie stated that she did not used to know about fashion, but as she continued to age she saw other things on people and started to develop her own sense of style.

Both girls were at least a few inches taller than the guests at the launch party in their very high heels and in typical fashion style, the pair made several outfit changes as the night went on sporting different looks for the photo calls and then for the party. They both choose dresses with Kylie choosing a more sedate white lace dress and Kendall choosing a block dress that was blue on the bottom with a white top and low neckline.