The long and (very) short of men’s swimwear at Debenhams

The findings of the recent research by Debenhams are seen as vital for the designers of their mens swimwear range as they prepare for the sales boom expected to come from the Olympics. Their research also shows what age a man reaches before he can no longer resist slipping on a pair of Speedos.

The Debenhams survey shows that the correlation between a mans age and his preference in swimwear means that teenagers prefer board shorts , tailored trunks are the most popular for those between their late 20’s and early 40’s and once they hit 55, the allure of the tiny proportions of the Speedo is too hard to resist.

The peak of age-v-size is when a man hits 59, and the swimming trunks can measure as little as 2 inches, down the hip from the waistband. The research also shows that young boys tend to wear the regulation swimming trunks throughout their earlier schooldays, mainly as until they hit their teens, their parents tend to buy their clothing for them and they have no input.

A major transformation then occurs as teenagers rebel against their trunks and opt for the longer shorts, which can reach right down to their knees and measure up to 15 inches in length. Young male celebrities such as Justin Bieber have been snapped frequently wearing this longer swimwear.
Trunk length slowly begins to creep back up between the ages of 28 and 35, as young men look to hit the beach and show off their bodies in order to find a partner.

Debenhams spokesperson, Ruth Attridge said: “It was no surprise that most respondents referenced the pulling power of Daniel Craig’s tight-fitted blue trunks as their main beach influence.

“However, when we discovered that even James Bond can’t tear British men in their over 50s away from the skimpiest of bathers, we knew we had to start taking notes.”

Throughout the 40s, board shorts and their smarter cousin, trunks, do battle with a 50 / 50 preference from Debenhams customers.

However, from age 55, swimming trunks turn back into swimming briefs and at the age of 59 reach eye-watering proportions, a la Giorgio Armani and Peter Stringfellow.

Almost no men ever return to board shorts, apart from the notable exception – actor, Jack Nicholson.

Attridge continued: “Our findings are very important in helping our mens swimwear designers get ready for the Olympic sales boom, expected to start at the beginning of 2012.

“With tiny, tight, togs sure to create a splash, we will be reviewing our designs to try and ensure all men look like David Gandy in their swimmers, whatever their age and figure.”