The maxi dress is so versatile

It has become a standard item in the wardrobes of many women. With it being suitable for women of every age, size, and shape it is very easy for them to find a dress that fits them. It’s feminine and flattering design adds to its popularity. The dresses are available in prints or plain fabrics, strapless, with different necklines, strappy, halter and high; these are just a few of the options.

Fabrics used are hugely varied, from cotton to polyester. The maxi dress is great for nights out or even weddings as it can easily be combined in an outfit with jewellery and/or high heels. Alternatively the maxi dress can be used on holiday and it looks great with stylish flip-flops and bangles.

The maxi dress is a big feature on today’s catwalk meaning it was guaranteed high street shops would soon bring the dress to their stores, now is a good time to shop for the next season. Online retailers also embrace the maxi dress and have wide ranges; this even allows you to try the dress out at home before buying.

The myth goes that the maxi dress will swamp a petite ladies figure; some even fear that wearing the dress will make it resemble a tent. Choice of print is important in this case, a maxi dress with vertical lines and a V neck will help you appear taller. The petite Mila Kunis, a Hollywood actress, wore a long dress with a belt and heels to an awards ceremony this year, pulling off the ensemble perfectly. Taller women can wear the maxi dress easily; just ensure it goes all the way to the floor.

This summer many different styles of the maxi dress have appeared, with loud colours to the more traditional pastels making appearances. There is no question the long dress is making quite the comeback.