The Naked and Famous discuss fashion

It’s festival time again, and one of the biggest is the iTunes festival. To celebrate this coming together of upcoming talent with receptive audiences, ASOS have sat a few of the acts down behind the scenes and recorded a series of video where they talk about their style, and what clothes meant to them in general. One such group who were happy to sit down and chat for a few minutes were the indie rock band from New Zealand ‘The Naked and Famous’.

The two guys one girl trio talk frankly about how, when they are performing on stage, they try to dress down as much as possible, thus letting the music do the talking. They all feel that those acts who go overboard with their costumes tend to lose some of their performance value as the audience can be concentrating too much on what they are seeing and not enough on what they are hearing, when it should be the other way around.

Despite their somewhat grungy image, ‘The Naked and Famous’ reveal that they are in fact big fans of French styling, and the guys in particular favour the look where most of their buttons are undone. They also talk about how their first choice of colours are normally black and grey, an industrial look which can fade into the shadows and let the music shine through. All the videos are available to view now through the iTunes hub, YouTube and other platforms.