The premier Topman Design is now in its 7th year

Now in its 7th year Topman Design is the premium collection for the Topman brand and is found only in their flagship stores throughout the world and also on the company website The distinguished brand can be found in the Far East and New Zealand as well as throughout Europe.

An established feature at the London Fashion Week is Men’s Day, however the ‘London collections: MEN’ showcase was to span over three days, showing how much interest in man’s fashion and designers has grown. Gordon Richardson, Topman’s Design Director, is pleased that they have been given the extension to show their work. He said that the event had the room to breathe and flourish; generating the type of buzz needed for the rising stars of men’s fashion.

A wide range of celebrities, from actors and musicians to professional sports stars, have been spotted wearing the last collection from Topman Design, featuring bold prints, embellished silk shirts, jackets, sharp edge suits, shirts and shorts. Topman have also played an important role in supporting and shaping emerging talent in men’s fashion.

The partnership which was formed between FashionEast and Topman is called MAN. This partnership, entering into its 7th year, has been credited with starting the Men’s Day movement. The panel of industry insiders, including names like Matthew Miller and Shaun Sampson, continue the initiative which pioneers new design talent and gives them a platform in which to present.

Building on Topman’s partnership FashionEast is Newgen Men, which has become important in raising profiles of the emerging British designers, by using the dedicated day at the London Fashion Week. This sponsorship initiative gives tailored business and mentoring support, hoping to increase their own commercial business success and to build better relationships with both press and buyers.