The rise and rise of Pixie Geldof

eems like Pixie Geldof is everywhere these days with appearances in music videos, on the fashion catwalks, and on the covers of some of the most prominent fashion magazines out on the market.

Just a few months ago she was shooting the entire spring lookbook for TopShop and last month she was one of the cover stories of Vogue UK. Now Pixie is back at it again as she hopped over to Leeds to help Topshop celebrate the launch of their brand new Trinity store.

To help set the right tone for TopShop, Pixie DJ’ed the entire event that included plenty of time for shopping and even some time for makeovers. With top artists on hands, fans of Pixie were treated to her tunes, her mixing style, and free makeovers while they waited. Of course, most fans spent their time lined up in front of Pixie who is not quite as Pixie as she used to be now that she has died her short locks brown.

Despite changing her hair colour, Pixie remained true to the brand and the image of Topshop pairing together a very clever outfit that no doubt was a big seller that day at the launch. Pixie chose to wear an antique looking blouse that easily could have been dated from the fifties made out of gentle silk with a collar around the top. Paired with black jeans and a simple necklace around the collar, the outfit was very Pixie punk.

Also notable was her single pony tail that was more of a hair horn coming out of the top of her head. With bright silver talons on her hand that matched her silver rings, necklace, and headphones, Pixie was the very embodiment of Topshop’s punk glam range.