The robot mannequin arrives in the high street

The robot mannequin a shape shifting mannequin was only previously available in a male physique but now comes in a female form as well. Now there is even robot gender equality. The robot acts as a fitting room for online retailers and was orignally created by Estonian start up, fulfilling part of the role of the standard shop based mannequins for sale.

When customers shop for clothes at a participating site they can enter their measurements online (chest, height, torso, arm length) then they can see photos of a mannequin the same shape as they are trying clothes of different sizes and styles.

Shoppers are not seeing the robot try on the clothes in real time. When a retailer signs on for the service takes pictures of the robot trying on the clothes in the shop’s inventory and then the photos are stored in a database on line that shoppers may access at a later date.

FitBot aims to overcome the biggest hurdles for online fashion the lack of a real fitting room and then the ends result being bad fitting clothes. Instead of seeing the clothes online and guessing how they will fit or look shoppers can now get a better and accurate sense of whether the dress or pants of blouse will look fabo or will be the lead into a What not to Wear program.

Using scientific algorithms the bot was designed based on 3D human body scans. The female one was a bit more complex than the male because of the female size and shape variations. The female robot can be adjusted to hundreds of thousands of different body shapes that amounts to about 85% of the women that today shop online.