The Rolling Stones come to Carnaby this Christmas

The Rolling Stones come to Carnaby this Christmas
The Rolling Stones come to Carnaby this Christmas

Carnaby have announced that they will be collaborating with the Rolling Stones for the 2012 Christmas installations as part of the celebrations for the rick legends’ 50th anniversary.

Carnaby are world famous for both their music and fashion heritage, and the Christmas designs this year will consists of a very special project alongside the world’s greatest rock band.

The decorations will be consisting of massive 3D spheres that will suspended all along Carnaby Street and will contain silver and gold vinyl records, each emblazoned with the Stones’ album covers and iconic art work. The famous tongue logo will adorn the Carnaby arches. The outdoor decorations tell the story of the Stones’ journey right from their creatio inn the ’60’s through to the present day.

The installations will launch on 8th November 2012 and will be in place until 6th January 2013. In addition there will be a Rolling Stones pop up shop in Carnaby. This will be a curated space that will sell limited edition apparel and prints plus the band’s new Greatest Hits collection GRRR!, released on 12th November . A limited edition canvas shopping bag will also be available for Carnaby shoppers.

The Rolling Stones / Carnaby relationship started in the 1960s. The band would often frequent the shops in Carnaby Street, and just round the corner in Broadwick Street they rehearsed for their first live shows.

‘We are delighted to be working with the most famous band in the world. They have been instrumental in defining popular culture and epitomise the essence of Carnaby’s music heritage’ Simon Quayle, Director, Shaftesbury

Carnaby is London’s most exciting destination for shopping and leisure with a unique mix of global fashion brands, independent stores, unusual boutiques and award winning restaurants.  No other area in London can boast such a distinctive heritage for fashion, music and youth culture. Carnaby is against the grain, it is original and exciting.