The title of ‘godfather of style’ has to go to Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta certainly makes some unusual clothing, and it seems as if leather and latex are some of the main things that are keeping him in his position as the godfather of style.

He recently had a runway display at New York fashion week, which occurred on Tuesday evening, and at this event he seemed to pay homage to the frothy style that has been his hallmark for over 40 years, and also displayed some incredibly decorative items, which are also very familiar of his style.

He is a designer that is particularly known for being in touch with new technology, and often uses this to keep his clothing at the cutting edge. It is remarkable that he has remained in such notable position in the fashion world for such a long time, and a lot of this is certainly down to the fact that he is always ahead of the times.

One of the most notable pieces that was on display at his fashion show was a dress that was made up of pieces of ivory silk. It looks incredibly feminine, and on the top that had latex flowers, which looked to be just the perfect icing on an incredible cake.

For a long time, leather has been involved in his clothing, and it seems that this year he is taking a risk by moving into latex. This is a material that allows everything to be more fitting, and lighter, which allows for his fashion to take a new direction.

This is not something that many fashion designers could pull off, but something that he manages spectacularly, and it looks as if he has taken latex, and turned it into a type of material that could even be worn to a special occasion.