The Ultimate Office Capsule Wardrobe

Autumn always has that back-to-school feel. Everyone is gearing up for the long months before Christmas and, with the nights drawing in, all we want to do is snuggle down on the sofa.

The changing weather also brings changing style needs – and what better way to welcome the cold than to invest in a new office capsule wardrobe? Here are some top tips on buying and maintaining a collection of classic staples, from how to find the perfect dress to how to get to grips with laundry symbols and keep your clothes looking at their best.


capsule wardrobe 1


Dresses are a great addition to your wardrobe as they cut out extra decisions on a busy morning – no need to match to other pieces, just put on the dress and you are ready to go. Get a few basic dresses in black and grey, and wear them under a jacket in the winter.

The important thing is to find the correct cut for your body shape. Women who are larger on top should focus on sleeveless v-neck styles while those who are tall and slender can get away with shorter, above-knee lengths. If you are stuck for inspiration have a look at some fashion blogs. This site for example – – has some great advice on buying Little Black Dresses and other must-have cheap dresses.

Trousers & Shirts

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If you prefer the mix-and-match style of bottoms and a top, then getting the right fit will make all the difference. For trousers, what looks good will depend on your hip to waist ratio and leg length. For shirts, you need to think carefully about whether the material and cut are flattering.

Getting it right will involve a lot of trial error – so avoid internet shopping where possible. For a good capsule wardrobe you really only need two or three pairs of good quality trousers so look for ones in classic professional colours like black, navy, brown and grey. Similarly, a well-fitting shirt is the absolute mainstay of any capsule wardrobe but you only need to buy a few options in different colours and fabrics to get a variety of looks.

With both trousers and shirts, you should always check the laundry symbols before you buy to ensure the cleaning process isn’t too complicated and opt for machine-washable items if you can.


capsule wardrobe 3


Finally, no capsule collection would be complete without a couple of pairs of stylish, well-fitting shoes. And no girl can own enough, right? For office attire get at least one pair of court shoes and some smart flats for staying late. One pair of higher heels might just be allowed if your work involves social functions but you also need to think of the seasons – can you wear strappy sandals in summer and warm boots in winter?

As these items are the basis of your wardrobe it is worth spending more to get good quality pieces. When you do, make sure to look after each one properly so that you get the full use out of them.

Before putting anything in the wash check the laundry symbols and look up the meaning if you are in any doubt. Trust me, once you’re got a good quality capsule wardrobe you’ll want to keep it in tip top condition forever!