The Wanted tuning up for London 2012

Olympic fever has grabbed us all as the countdown to London 2012 begins in earnest. One of the great traditions is carrying the Olympic flame, and to find the torch bearers for 2012, a massive campaign has been launched by Coca Cola in collaboration with the London 2012 organisers. Anyone can nominate anyone, even themselves, if they feel they meet the criteria to be a worthy torch bearer.

The criteria is simple; you must have a burning passion that you want to tell the world about. Log onto the site at to tell your story. There are plenty on there already and full details of the campaign so after you have done your nominating you can browse the site and read some great stories of both passion and inspiration.

To promote the campaign, several short videos featuring British band ‘The Wanted’ have been posted on the internet. These videos show the boys being given different challenges which they have master in order to win a trophy, appropriately in the shape of the Olympic torch.

The first video in the series is called ‘Future Flames 1’ and shows them having to sign as many Coke cans as they can in 9.69 seconds in a straight contest between the 5 of them. The cans are stacked on a table and they all dive in with their marker pens and start a signing frenzy. There is the inevitable tomfoolery and trying to steal each others cans, but at the final count up Tom is pronounced the winner and handed the trophy.

Tom then speaks to the camera and asks if we know anyone extraordinary, and if we do then nominate now. This is a brilliant campaign to get as many people involved with the Olympics as possible, and anyone who is selected to carry the torch will be playing a part in history.