This Summer Sustainable Fashion is the way to go

This Summer Sustainable Fashion is the way to go
This Summer Sustainable Fashion is the way to go

The start of summer has brought quite a few pieces of sustainable fashion along with it for Cock & Bull Menswear. The British brand has launched a new collection of organic tees that are perfect for the beach, city life, or just simple country living.

The completely organic t-shirts are available in three different styles: FCT, Easy T, and Slim T. All of the shirts are made out of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton that is super soft 196 gsm. This makes each tee luxurious and soft as it touches the skin and an instant favorite of any man.

The Slim T t-shirt is long, lean and figure skimming, designed to give a modern silhouette and show off the physique. The shirt has a standard neckline and finished length of 66 cm. It can be worn as outerwear in summer and then sported under a jumper or long sleeve shirt in winter giving the maximum wear Cock & Bull is known for.

The Slim T is available in eight styles, one for each day of the week. Options range from natural unbleached, Persian blue, ash, sage and plum through to natural indigo, plum and henna prints. Plain colours are priced at £25.00 with the printed styles priced at £35.00.

The second organic t-shirt design from the ethical fashion retailer is the classic Easy Tee. All purpose with a relaxed fit, it is based on a tried and true heritage cut for maximum comfort day in, day out. Like its Slim counterpart, it can also be worn as inner or outerwear and is available in a range of block colours. Options include sage, plum, Persian and ash. A natural henna print is available for £35.00

Cock & Bull Menswear’s ‘FCT’ is also a slim t-shirt but with a scoop neck and a little extra length. The FCT is available in natural unbleached, Persian blue, ash, sage and plum.

Designer A.A. Lindsay said, “Our organic t-shirts and jersey wear is a tried and true summer staple designed to be easily wearable, comfortable and stylish year after year. We believe that ‘slow fashion’ is far superior to throwaway fashion so we wanted to create a range a t-shirts that were easy to wear, comfortable, flattering and that can be relied upon year after year and look just as good next summer, or the one after, as they do now.”

As with all of Cock & Bull Menswear apparel, the t-shirts are made exclusively in the UK from sustainable fabrics and yarns.