Today’s footwear trends are often taken from shoes that are thousands of years old

The oldest leather shoe in the world is almost three thousand years old and was made out of just one piece of cowhide with a cord of leather used to pull the seams closed at the front of the shoe and at the back. The shoe was found in an Armenia cave just a few years ago and today it sits in a museum.

Ironically, there are tons of shoes on the market available that resemble these ancient shoes called deck shoes. With plenty of room for your feet to breath and a bit primitive touch boat shoes are quite popular now.

Regardless of what you want to call these shoes, they are commonly associated with the good life. Most people who wear these shoes are assumed to have the good life because they actually have the time to sail in galas or spend days out on their yacht.

Usually you can expect those with boat shoes to have a nice tan and a cheerful disposition, because who wouldn’t if they got to spend hours doing nothing important. After all, the privileged life is quite a good life for those that have it fall into their lap.

Given the fact that these shoes are not flattering, elegant, cutting-edge, or elevating it is hard to imagine a deck shoe making it on a runway, but there is potential in a world where Christopher Kane can make the clog stylish.

It would be a challenge given the fact that the shoes are strictly confined to the middle class stigma, but there are other shoes and trends that have managed to infiltrate Britain including tiaras, tattoos, and trainers. Therefore, the jury is still out on whether or not the boat shoe is going to make it big on the market.