Top designer to open new shopping centre

A new shopping centre is set to launch soon along with a high end ceremony to celebrate the event led by one of the top fashion designer in the country. Henry Holland is a well known figure in the fashion industry and is set to be the lead figure behind this fashion spectacle, a new way to open up a mall that focuses more on the clothing and fashion aspects rather than the economics. This unveiling will be happening on March 21 at the Trinity Leeds centre.

Holland made his name as an A-list celebrity in the fashion industry due in large part for his unusual fashion sense and design choices. He said recently about the event that the ceremony itself will give a great opportunity to people to discover the type of new world fashion that will be available at Trinity Leeds, along with a memorable way to open up a new mall. He found the whole event to be a great challenge in order to celebrate something as exciting to shoppers as it is for him as a designer.

He found the whole experience to be rewarding and will await the results eagerly from the press and media covering the ceremony. A lot of designers and known figures will also take part such as Poppy Delevingne and Alexa Chung. They will be answering questions through online chat rooms although not all of them will be physically at the ceremony. Coming from the Greater Manchester, Holland is known for selling branded t-shirts with bold catch phrases on them.

The director of Trinity Leeds spoke recently saying that this mall will focus on fashion before all else, aiming to become a British icon for clothing and design. It will show the rest of the UK what a shopping mall can offer to the world.