Topman reveal new SS13 menswear range

SS13 is a new design collection that has just been revealed by Topman at London Fashion Week. This is part of a new series of connections targeted at men that are being showcased between the 15th and 17 June. This new brand from the company is a premium collection which can be found in the flagship stores of Topman as well as being able to be found on the company’s website.

The company has become something of a brand itself and it can now be found in New Zealand, most of Europe as well as the Far East. Men’s Day has become an established part of the fashion week calendar and it now lasts for three days. The idea is that menswear designers are going to have an opportunity to exhibit some of their clothing alongside the many women’s collections.

The creative designer at Topman is Gordon Richardson and he has commented, “It is no longer the case the men’s fashion is condensed into a single day. This allows much more opportunity for designers to show off their clothing and really generate a lot more excitement about the clothes that are going to be coming onto the market. There are many rising stars in the world of men’s fashion and this fashion show is a great opportunity to put names on the map.”

The last collection released by Topman Design was very popular and involved silk shirts, edgy suits and bold prints. It was seen being worn by many celebrities including musicians, actors and athletes.

The company are also responsible for developing male fashion designers and through a collaboration with FashionEast, they work to create new initiatives which give young designers and you opportunity to showcase some of their best new creations to the fashion world at large.