Topshop’s Fashion Retail Academy gives boost to young designers

At London Fashion Week, Topshop have always had a role in helping young designers in the UK get involved and giving them the opportunity to show some of their designs to the fashion world. Much of this has been done through the Fashion Retail Academy which they helped to found.

With this scheme being so successful the company said that they want to introduce the manufacturing side of fashion to the equation. They’ve said that this should help clothing companies in the UK realise that it is possible to manufacture goods in the UK, rather than abroad.

It is estimated that the fashion industry in the UK is worth around £20 billion, which is about two percent of the country’s GDP. To put this in perspective, that’s about twice the size of the car industry in the country.

Fashion is at one of its strongest points for the UK in its history and Topshop see it is essential that education is provided about the manufacture of clothes, as well as the design. They’ve commented, “It is important that young people understand all aspects of the business and that they know manufacturing domestically is just as possible as manufacturing abroad.”