Tulisa makes up for earlier fashion faux pas at the Vodafone party

London fashion week has recently been taking place and the event has so far been very successful. However, this is not the only notable fashion event which has taken place recently, and the judge for the X factor, Tulisa Contostavlos, was recently seen making a serious fashion mistake, as she headed to Tesco while wearing a tracksuit.

Just a day later however she arrived at London fashion week, dressed in an incredible outfit from Ted Baker, which really made up for the previous mistakes she made at Tesco. The event, which is hosted by Vodafone, had a launch party recently, and many guests came to the event on Thursday evening, wearing some incredible outfits.

She knew that attending the event, she would be watched very closely for what she was wearing, and there was no question that she did not disappoint, wearing an elaborate dress which had a high neckline, and an incredible layered skirt.

The dress retails for around £450, and was definitely seem to be worth the money when being worn by her. She was also wearing black leather heels, which complement the dress, and add something of a rock look to the outfit.

On Wednesday evening, when she made her fashion mistake, she was shopping in Tesco’s, just wearing a tracksuit, and many people commented that she looked rather rough around the edges, with some people describing her as a ‘chav.’ Many people have commented that it is interesting to see how her fashion sense can be so contrast in, and the fact that she was willing to dress herself in Adidas was an interesting fashion statement.