Twiggy’s top fashion tips for 2013

Four decades ago, a young, blonde, doe eyed model called Lesley Hornby shot to fame and became the epitome of London in the swinging 60’s. The name may not be instantly recognisable to those under a certain age, but mention her alter ego, Twiggy, and there are few who will not instantly know who she is. The name came from an ex boyfriend who called her Twigs due to her slender legs, and the schoolgirl from Neasden shot to fame after being spotted shampooing in a hair salon and photos were taken off her originally for the hairstyle she was sporting which her employer created.

The rest, as they say, is history, and between the years 1966-1970 Twiggy became the face of London and all that it represented despite her tender age meaning that she couldn’t take part in most of it. After retiring from the modelling world in 1970, she carved out a successful career for herself as an actress and singer. Modelling wasn’t on the cards for many many years until she was invited to become the face of M&S fashion, a role she passionately believes in to this day.

As the ambassador for M&S fashion, she has appeared in most of their top advertising campaigns and has also had the chance to realise her first ambition; to be a fashion designer. Her expertise in the fashion world along with the reputation M&S enjoys for being a top quality brand isĀ  heady combination, and one that has proved to be very successful for both parties. Now, Twiggy is sharing that expertise and giving us her top fashion tips for 2013 courtesy of a video she has made for the M&S website.

Now in her sixties, Twiggy is still a beautiful woman with an enviable figure and is one of the most respected name in fashion and one who many women look to for style tips, making this video a sure fire success. She is very relaxed as she talks to the camera and shots of her today are interspersed with images from the sixties. As she says, you can’t have worked in the fashion industry for over 45 years and not have picked up a wealth of hints and tips.

Her first top tip is layering, and she says this is the best fashion tip she would give anyone. It’s very on trend, is very easy to do and there are no rules as far as layering is concerned, and it no longer matters if a shirt is hanging below the bottom of you cardigan or jacket as its a great, casual look.

Next up is fitted skirts, which Twiggy says is a very flattering item to have in your wardrobe as a piece that fits well is instantly slimming and makes you look taller, especially the in vogue length of the moment that falls to just below the knee.

Twiggy has worn skinny jeans all her life, and the fact that they are once again so popular really pleases her. As she says, when you find a look that works for you and feels so comfortable, why stop wearing it just because it isn’t the fashion buzzword of the moment?

Her last big tip is belts, as these instantly transform any outfit. Twiggy advises us to be brave with belts and choose those that really stand out and make a fashion statement, and who are we to argue with someone who looks that good?