Tzrania by Ollia luxury A-lister fur coats and accessories

There is no other winter-season style accessory quite as opulent, luxurious and oozing with glamour than the thick, fur jacket. Traditionally loved by Hollywood starlets, supermodels and stunning socialites, the fur jacket is synonymous with old-school elegance. However, this classic wardrobe essential has been given a contemporary update by couture fur brand, Trzarina. This premium fashion house has reimagined the classic fur jacket, coat and stole, creating beautiful and distinctive statement pieces that have quickly become a must-have item amongst the world’s most photographed fashion and lifestyle influencers.




Presenting a breath-taking range of plush fur coats in contemporary shades, spanning a range of palettes including pastel hues and vibrant brights, this pioneering combination of classic luxury and modern design has seen Tzarina’s pieces become a regular sight on social media and A-list parties alike. Trzarina customers are simply unable to resist taking a snap of their favourite fur coat as they attend the latest party, fashion show or red carpet event. Amongst these devoted fans is Kylie Jenner, known for her discerning sense of style, spotted in the brand’s signature ‘Queen Fox’ coat in her latest Instagram photoshoot as she posed by an immaculate poolside setting – the perfect scenario for a Tzarina piece.

Ollia Rarisame, founder and designer at Trzarina by Ollia said, “Luxury fashion requires certain components – timelessness, attention to detail, outstanding materials and, of course, a certain flair to take the garment in question above and beyond the ordinary expectations of design.  It is with this ethos in mind that I created my collection of winter ready goods. I’m honoured to call so many beautiful and inspiring women a customer, and with my creations I strive to give them a piece of one-off, effortless glamour to enjoy forever.”




Ollia gained a deep understanding of the elements of premium design through extensive experience at esteemed fashion houses including Valentino and Bulgari. Armed with this knowledge, every stitch and cut of a Tzrarina fur accessory is tailored with these exceptional values in mind. Virtually weightless, the cloud-like, silk lined jackets from Tzarina are the outerwear of choice for influential singers Ashanti and Ciara, as well as flawless Instagram model, ‘Gigi Gorgeous’ and admired actress, Victoria Justice.




The iconic Queen Fox jacket, as worn by Kylie Jenner, is a popular choice amongst the glamorous stylistas, while the equally as stunning Princess Fox jacket features the same established elegance in a more lightweight format. A wide range of additional styles including a cosy hooded jacket, classic parka style and full-length fabulous Chinchilla fur bomber styles form the rest of the admired collection of tailored fur pieces.