UK brand ‘Joseph’ set for London Fashion Week debut

In September, the British brand, Joseph, is going to be holding its first London Fashion Week event, rather than what it has done previously, where it has shown its close through a presentation format instead.

The details about the show have not been released, and the company is being quite secretive about them, however a spokesperson has commented, “The event is going to be very special and we have chosen to do the show this year because we believe the brand is ready for the next big thing. Shows make a big impact and we think as we are a London brand, that doing the show during London Fashion Week is the right choice.”

The current creative director of the company as Louise Trotter, who has previously been creative director at such high profile brands as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. She is known for designing clothes which are very masculine but at the same time are understated. The company is able to call numerous celebrities fans including Angelina Jolie.

The Duchess of Cambridge is also known to be a fan of the clothing by the company and she recently wore a cream dress by the designer during a tour of Canada she made with her husband, Prince William.