UK Underwear Line for Celebrity Mums

UK Underwear Line for Celebrity Mums
UK Underwear Line for Celebrity Mums

The much-reviled ‘camel toe’ is about to be tackled head-on by an entrepreneur from the UK who has undertaken to launch once again a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign where 25 new A-lister mothers will receive gifts from the pioneering company bodiBase underwear.

Designed to coincide with Mother’s Day in the USA on 11 May, this seems like the ideal time to grab the attention of the world’s yummy mummies and showcase the new Sports Thong and Sports Shortie, revolutionary items in their field.  Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera are amongst those expected to receive the gifts.

The revamped bodiBase campaign calls on members of the public to back the manufacturing and distribution of the new range of silhouette smoothing shapewear. A Kickstarter pledge or pre-order is the only way style savvy ladies can get their hands on a pair of the innovative new underwear. It follows an initial round of fundraising earlier this year which was curtailed when the LA based Distinctive Assets placed a large order to supply boidbase to their celebrity clients.

The bodiBase range is crafted using superior design and amazingly comfortable fabric that work together to offer flawless freedom of movement. This effectively combats the embarrassing and unsightly anatomical blunder that banes gym leggings and skin-tight jean wearers across the globe.

Unlike many other sports underwear brands on the market, the range of bodiBase products has been meticulously designed and developed using scientific thermoregulation textile technology that allows the skin to comfortably breathe even when things start to heat up.

The unique open honeycomb weave of the fabric allows air to circulate between the fibres while the clever use of natural silver properties provides effective protection against odour causing bacteria. The ground-breaking technology is an ingenious combination of materials that is capable of intelligently adjusting to levels of heat output in order to keep clothes dry and odour free. Whether it’s sweat build up from the daily school run or sheets of perspiration from an intensive workout session, bodiBase underwear keeps wearers feeling fresh, clean and comfortable.

Collette McCrarren, bodiBase founder says “Why settle for just any sports underwear when you can have intelligent underwear which multi tasks with you?”

As well as maintaining a feeling of freshness, the intelligent thermoregulation fabric helps combat a range of feminine health problems such as bladder and yeast infections.

Market research has indicated that the demand for crotch smoothing underwear is resoundingly present with a huge 65% of women claiming they would be willing to purchase a ‘camel toe’ eliminating product. The patent pending design and proven effectiveness make bodiBase underwear the ideal solution to ending worldwide ‘cameltoe’ woes.

From stay-at-home mums to celebrity parents, bodiBase gives females the freedom to wear what they want, when they want without the fear of uncomfortable clothing malfunctions.