Valentino slams the fashion industry for the way it treats women

Valentino Garavani, the famous fashion designer, is probably best known for his luxurious designs, and despite being a major player in the industry for decades, he still has a bitter hatred of the way it treats women. Never one to pull punches, he gave his honest opinion in the December 2012 issue of the Marie Claire magazine in the UK. He says he feels that the majority of designers forget that woman actually have a shape.

He told the interviewer that there is a time and a place to show off legs and cleavage, but it should be all about the cut and not just women flashing everything at any opportunity. He added that clothes should not be about ridiculing a woman, they should not be fashion victims, and too many designers are designing for themselves, whereas he has always designed for women and their unique shape.

Valentino is rightly proud of the fact that he designs clothes for those he intends to wear them, and through every step of the design process he has a women’s figure in mind. He was also very vocal when it came to criticising some of his peers, saying that their clothes simply don’t flatter the womanly shape and actually make them look foolish. The fact they pay a fortune and are unaware of how they really look is even more disturbing.

Valentino also said that couture pieces were more in demand by ever, but this has also given rise to a massive increase in the number of designer knock offs that have appeared over the past few years. He is unhappy about fashion becoming more mass marketed, and every department store now has rails full of copies of designer clothes, and this has taken away a lot of the prestige and mystery which used to surround the fashion industry.