Vera Wang designs t-shirt for bone marrow campaign

Vera Wang and Leighton Meester have recently joined forces to support a centre dedicated to finding bone marrow donors, DKMS. Meester has joined up with the group who are dedicated to raising awareness of the demand for people to donate their bone marrow.

Vera Wang has been involved by creating a T-shirt for the campaign which reads, ‘Share the Love.’ The T-shirt comes complimentary when any one purchases around $80 worth of items from her fragrance collection.

There is going to be a campaign run for the promotion of the group by Meester and it is also going to feature a girl who survived leukaemia because someone donated bone marrow through the DKMS organisation.

The idea that the charity is trying to spread is that people can anonymously do something that is capable of saving a stranger’s life. All those involved with the project has spoken out about what value it can have on society.

Meester was originally involved with Wang through the promotion of her fragrance range. She was approached by Wang about whether she wanted to be the face of her fragrances, and since taking on the position she says it is something that she has been very happy to do.