Victoria Beckham to appear in documentary

In 2007, Victoria Beckham made an on-screen venture that was not successful with critics terming the documentary as ‘self-indulgent’. Let us hope that her latest foray into film will be more successful.

The designer who was once a singer will film a documentary that will feature scenes of her daily life in the fashion industry. The work, which is a collaboration with Skype, will have an interactive section where viewers will get the opportunity to interact directly with Victoria Beckham and her team.

Victoria, a mother of four, went on to say that she travels a lot with her team and on most evenings she usually communicates with her studio in London via Skype. Therefore, she had been using Skype for some time as she juggled between her design work and family commitments.

With the show coming up soon, it is not yet known if her husband David Beckham and her children Harper, Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn will be featured in the show, though her family are seen regularly at her fashion events, giving their support. Recently, David and Harper were snapped at NYFW where Victoria debuted her recent collection.

Victoria is certainly hoping that Americans receive her new show better considering the last time in 2007 when she had a show that was not successful. The show focused on the Beckhams coming to Los Angeles as Beckham began his season with the LA Galaxy.

In various scenes, Victoria was filmed saying things like how exhausting it was to be fabulous and how everything had to be all about her. Many people also ridiculed her for going to the pitch at a Dodgers baseball game in heels. Apparently, the American viewers did not understand the spoof element of the show to an extent where The New York post described the show as one of self-indulgence.