Victoria Beckham fashion phenomenon

In the world of celebrities, Victoria Beckham is a bit of a phenomenon all by herself.  From Spice Girl,  super-model and WAG to respected businesswoman with her own highly successful fashion line, Victoria has run the gamut and she’s doing quite well, thank you very much.  She’s also in demand for fashion advice, and not just by the hoi polloi.

As one observer enthused, just imagine speed-dialling your good friend to ask what on earth to wear for that special occasion, and your friend says “Why not something one of us designed?”  That would be the scenario with Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes, both celebrities in their own right, but Katie says she usually checks with Victoria before choosing her ensemble if she’s expecting to be in the spotlight.

Katie told an interviewer at Elle magazine that she and Victoria often attend the same events, and she’s always interested in what her friend is planning to wear and what she ‘likes’ for the current season.  Considering that Katie is a fashion designer and celebrity of note also, that says quite a lot about her respect for her pal’s style-savvy.

Quite a few other celebs have appeared at various functions wearing Victoria’s creations, among them Demi Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria and Cameron Diaz, and her designs have won high acclaim at the British Fashion Awards.  However, Victoria says she wasn’t sure of herself when she first launched her fashion line.   She’s humble enough to marvel at the leap from Spice Girl to international celeb, but her success pretty much speaks for itself.