Victoria Beckham on baby food diet according to rumours

Victoria Beckham is the latest celebrity rumoured to be using the ‘baby-food’ diet to help slim down her waist. Lately, Beckham has been touting her slimmer frame by choosing some clothes that really hug her curves.

Victoria is known for being a size 6 in the UK, but she is rumoured to be attempting to fit into a UK size 4. She thinks that the little bit of fat on her stomach is left over from her last child, according to a source that claims to be close to the star and thus she has turned to the diet created by Tracy Anderson.

The same source stated that she has been able to lose five pounds since she started the diet and now eats almost the same meals as her daughter; which include pureed carrots, fruit, and fish. She then rounds out the day by eating some really high protein food for dinner such as grilled veg and fish.

Friends are worried about the celeb, stating that she usually gets fixated on a diet when she is fighting with David and following his failure to get on the Olympic football team they figure the duo are sparring.