Vincent Gallo the face of G-Star

Vincent Gallo the face of G-Star

Vincent Gallo, the unorthodox but versatile Hollywood star has been named as the one of the faces of G-Star’s latest advertising campaign alongside the Gemma Arterton, the young British actress. Born in Buffalo, New York in 1961, Gallo is an accomplished artist, actor, filmmaker, businessman, musician and Grand Prix motorcyclist.

He was a contemporary of the great Jean Michel Basquiat in New York and his early works involved the likes of performance art and experimental music. He was also very much a part of the New York No Wave underground art movement which existed between the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. During this period, Gallo was also known for his unusual and radical street performance and directed himself in several short films.

He has since become somewhat of a pioneer of the US cinema and a highly respected movie actor, director and producer. He both directed and starred in the classic movies ‘Buffalo 66’, ‘Arizona Dream’ as well as Coppola’s ‘Tetro’. He has starred in many other movies and worked with actors and directors of the calibre of Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese.

As Shubhankar Ray, Global Brand Director of G-Star RAW explains: “Vincent is unorthodox, authentic, imperfect and raw; all characteristics matching G-Star’s DNA. We are happy to have an independent trailblazer and cultural artist like Vincent as our new face.

The interesting combination of Vincent’s tough and raw appearance and Gemma’s pure beauty has led to a series of striking black-and-white images, again shot by iconic photographer and film maker Anton Corbijn at the Port Autonome in Marseille.

In the campaign, both Vincent and Gemma wear 3301 by G-Star RAW, representing the purest and cleanest look within the G-Star range. This iconic 5-pocket denim is a democratic wardrobe essential that fits any style.

The G-Star RAW Autumn/Winter 2011 campaign will go live on the streets, in store windows, online and in magazines as of mid September 2011, when all campaign outfits will be made available through G-Star Stores, marked with a special hang-tag for easy identification. Find your nearest G-Star Store on