Vintage clothes always back in fashion

Vintage clothes are very popular right now. From celebrities to the average woman on the street, everyone is wearing vintage items. High street shops have started selling collections in vintage styles, and in this article we will look at how you too can get that vintage look.

Vintage clothing comes from the period 1920 to 1970 and its surge in popularity has been boosted by celebrity interest. Julia Roberts, back in 2001, wore a vintage dress to the Oscars. Since then there has been a massive increase in interest. Most people own a few items of vintage clothing and some people even go so far as to only wear vintage clothes.

There are several reasons why vintage clothing is so popular. First off, there is the individuality factor,  a genuine vintage item is unlikely to be found on the high street, meaning that you won’t see someone else wearing it. Many people choose to supplement a high street outfit with one item of vintage clothing to give the outfit a unique element. Some find vintage clothing an interesting hobby and try to collect various pieces of interest.

Another positive aspect of vintage clothing is the quality of the clothes. As these clothes are much older than the current seasons garments they are shown to have lasted the years. Indeed, almost all clothes manufactured before 1960 will have been hand made.

Clothes that are being designed today are often influenced by other periods in fashion history. Those who choose to wear vintage clothing often enjoy the feeling that they are wearing the ‘original.’ Finding these garments can be difficult, but the internet is a great resource, eBay and specialist stores will have huge stocks of vintage garments.

Buyers must also be careful with sizing the clothes. What was once a 12, may now be an 8, as sizes have changed over time. Also, clothes may have shrunk from multiple washes. If buying from the internet, ask the seller to re-measure the clothes before you commit to buying them.