Vogue announce that they will no longer use underweight models

Vogue has taken the plunge and has announced they will not accept photos of underweight models. The fashion publication announced they will not use models that are either under the age of 16 or give the appearance of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.

Onlookers have been confused as to why models with visible bones, barely developed breasts and narrow hips are selected to represent feminine beauty in any case. Opponents believe magazines such as Vogue may have contributed to the rate of eating disorders through undermining the confidence and self esteem of many women.

Campaigners are welcoming the announcement by Vogue and hope that it will be a major step forward in the fight against anorexia. As a major name in the fashion world Vogue is published in 19 countries worldwide so any changes are certainly noticed.

The move comes too late for many, mainly young women who have lost their lives to eating disorders and the list includes some models. Included are the French model and anorexia campaigner Isabelle Caro, at 28 who had been suffering from the condition since age 14. She was 5 ft 4in in height and weighed just four stone when she died. Others include sisters Luisel and Eliana Ramos aged 22 and 18, and Hila Elmalich who died in 2007 aged 33.

The uses of such images do not cause anorexia nervosa, but they can contribute to its onset. Eating disorders normally begin through poor self esteem and the images women see on magazine covers are naturally seen as being desirable, although the body shape and type will be unachievable for the vast majority of women.