What to do when too many shoes are giving you the blues

2Are shoes the latest obsessive, compulsive addiction? Blue suede shoes, Doc Martens, killer high heels, Converse trainers, we seem to have shoes for every possible occasion, and every girl knows new shoes mean a new life! This shoe-buying fixation is fuelled by the arrival of bargains that seem to tempt us from every corner of the internet and the high street.

The problem is, all these impulse buys tend to clutter up the place and before you know it you are no longer tripping the light fantastic but tripping over all the shoe leather in the house.

You need shoe racks

So what’s to be done when too many shoes are giving you the blues and your bedroom looks like the aftermath of the first day at the sales? Well, as grown up as it might sound you probably need shoe racks. In fact, they may well transform your life!

You see, if you make room and organise yourself it gives an excellent opportunity to fill up the space with something new and that warrants a shopping trip, if ever there was a valid excuse!

So if you are wading through your footwear, which shoe racks will change your life? The great thing is there is a whole range to choose from depending on circumstance. If you want to go down the country route, a full wooden wellie rack in the entrance hall would look like you mean business. Whereas, if you are looking for something prettier and more dainty, then Cath Kidston shoe racks are just the thing and will cheerfully organise all your kitten mules.

Hanging shoe racks and plimsoll bags

Hanging shoe racks, wellie removers, two tier shoe racks and storage cabinets give shoe hoarders a huge variety to choose from. If you only have under bed storage, you can find bags with compartments for summer shoes in winter and vice versa.

There are even new takes on old fashioned ‘plimsoll bags’ in a trailing floral design. Certainly, it pays to look after your shoes, so put a little effort into cleaning them. Giving them an air outside, using shoe trees where appropriate and spoiling them with the tender loving care they deserve – after a long day protecting your feet – is easier when they are stored correctly.

Dry, clean and air your shoes

Think of the pleasure when you can look through your collection without having to ‘unsquash’ them first, or search around for the other one of the pair. Shoes that are dried, aired, cleaned and stuffed with newspaper on shoe/boot trees always look great each time you need them and shoe racks will help you organise things. Who knows, it may well change your life, cut the stress of losing things and save money in the long run. What’s not to like?