What to do with the old clothes you never wear

2Sometimes we are crazy! We work hard and then use our hard-earned cash to fill our wardrobes with clothes and items we will never wear. Then we have to find more ways to make money to pay for what we have bought. If only there was a way to weigh in clothes for cash, or some such scheme. What do we do with all our old clothes, we think as we attempt a clear out. Is there a solution to our frenzied shopping binges?

Notably, impulse buying is one of the reasons people racked up so much debt before the credit crunch. With easy store cards and easy money being loaned out to everyone, it was always likely the bubble would burst and now we are all living with the consequences.

Bargain prices soon add up

Many of us open our wardrobe doors and think, “what the?’. Now, with the proliferation of cheap outlets, we are once again seduced into thinking what we are buying doesn’t cost much, but when we finally reach the till with our packed basket, it’s a different story.

The more clothes you buy the more storage you need

Of course, the more clothes you buy, the more storage you need. Eventually, the whole system gets out of control and we find we are spending even more to house the things we shouldn’t have bought in the first place?

‘I’m never buying clothes again!’

One solution is to make a pledge to never buy clothes again. Quite drastic, but thinking about it, now that fashion seems to be a potpourri of styles and influences, why not?’ With a little imagination, some clothes dye, the odd piece of ribbon and accessories, the race is on to become your own clothes designer. After all, Gok Wan showed us on his television shows that with a little creativity the designers can be given a run for their money.

How about selling clothes for cash?

So, if we can’t redesign, are not prepared to stop shopping and our wardrobes cannot bear the strain, is there a way to see any return on our investment? Well, yes there is; you can bundle up a black sack, go online and weigh in clothes for cash. This means you don’t have to feel guilty about putting good clothes in the bin. You will get some money back and also clear acres of space in the wardrobe for another round of impulse buys. It really does give another spin to the word ‘recycling’!