Wigging Out the Winter

Wait out the winter with a spectacular wig. You might want to choose a wig for any number of purposes from the freedom to choose your style to a covering up hair loss and a regaining your confidence. Wigs come in a plethora of materials, cuts, styles, and colours.  As winter’s chilly breeze touches upon our achy skin, it’s time to reconsider that open weft. Wigs can offer that extra protection from the cold. But when you choose your wig you want style to match substance. Choose from long cuts and look for volume. Here are a few tips and suggestions to get you on your way to a substantial, warm winter wig.

Bangs are the best bang for the buck!

Go for bangs to protect your forehead from that winter breeze. Your forehead might not be the first place you think of needing to keep an extra degree of insulation, but when those winter winds are blowing straight up against your face, you won’t want to feel the cold running over your scalp.

Cover your ears

In case you don’t have a warm pair of earmuffs or over ear headphones you’ll want to choose a shoulder length, or full length wigs to keep the wind off your lobes. Your neck will also appreciate an extra layer of protection, so be sure to wear your wig hairs down.

Short but hot

Full length wigs worn down aren’t the only ear and neck protection you can find in a wig. If you still want to keep your hair looking short and sweet, try a shoulder length bob with bangs. You’ll still be getting ear and neck cover as well as forehead protection

Hats with hair

Some hats with hair not only look very convincing, they can be an elegant winter solution. If you work in an office, you might want to have a second wig ready for inside use. Headscarves are another terrific option. They maintain that classic Hollywood sophistication, and you can regulate airiness for all day comfort.

Go big and bold

Big wigs are on trend. Be bold and make a statement. Look at me, I’m hot! I’m also warm and ready fabulous winter fashion.

With a huge variety of wigs to choose from, finding the right look to keep you warm is a matter of taste. Some people love big and hot, while others will like to keep their bob short and cool for a warm winter fit.