Will you love CJG’s shoes as much as Kate Moss does?

Chloe Green, the heiress of retail, has declared that Kate Moss loves her shoe label, but now it is up to the public to decide if they will love it or not because the green soled CJG labelled shoes hit the high street market this week.

Fourteen pairs of the designer’s shoes are on the shelves this week at Topshop and are also available for sale on her website CJG.com. Prices start at £115 for six inch high heeled shoes and go as high as £175 for booties. They have not been out long, but according to sales they are already a hit.

Several of the models in the range are already sold out at Topshop and a few of the sizes are also unavailable for the time being, but the high street website is telling customers that they will soon have more in stock to offer them. Before launching the shoe range, Green told fans that Kate Moss had seen her designs and thought they were great. She added that given she designed the shoes herself this is very high praise. The shoes are notable because they are all manufactured in Brazil with a completely green sole.

All of the shoes are named after people in Green’s life that have special meaning to her with a sample of the shoe models named ‘Magda, Misha, Louisa, and more. Outside of paying homage to the people who inspired her, Green also explained that she was inspired to create the shoes due to her love of hearts, charms, roses, butterflies, and skulls. While this may be an eclectic range designs, it seems to be doing her well if the out of stock signs are to be trusted.

The only fault that some have found in the collection is that some of the heels are quite large, but for girls looking for a more reasonable heel the news that Green is going to come out with an autumn range this year that will feature flats should be reassuring. There are also rumors coming from the designer that a set of accessories and clothes may also be coming out soon.